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Celebrity Lifestyle Tips

While we all may not have the resources that celebrities do to live a life of luxury, there are smart steps we can take to elevate our lifestyle. The following are my favorite life hacks that make me feel like an A-lister.

Bodyguards can only protect celebrities in their physical environment; digitally celebrities need to take extra steps just like the rest of us.

Text messaging presents a particular challenge. While an incredibly convenient form of communication, no one can guarantee that people besides the intended recipient will not see the content of the conversation.

To make sure your messaging content is secure, use a messaging app such as DatChat instead of a traditional texting app. Messages can be hidden behind decoy photos, so people can’t read your personal information over your shoulder. Plus, messages can be set to be destroyed as soon as they are read, so you don’t have to worry about hackers reading your personal messages.

DatChat prevents users from taking screenshots of photos that are sent, and will notify you if a screenshot is taken of a conversation. You can also delete any messages in a conversation, off of both the recipients phone and yours.

Most celebrities certainly don’t cook their own home-cooked meals, so why should you? Sakara Life is an at-home food delivery service with pre-cooked organic meals that are made to order. All are created with the highest quality of sustainable ingredients and arrive ready-to-eat, no prep needed.

Personal stylists are no longer just for the rich and famous, services such as ThreadsRefined bring professional stylists to everyone’s level. Consultations are available via Skype or in person. The best part is ThreadsRefined stylists are not sales people for any clothing brand, therefore you will not feel pressured into buying any of the clothes they recommend for you. They will, however, tell you where to get them for the best price.

For major life events such as weddings or important office parties, services such as Rent The Runway will allow you to rent clothes and return them when you’re done. From formal gowns to cocktail party apparel, renting instead of buying gives you the option to mix up your wardrobe and try new styles.

Looking to host a gathering that will make your guests feel like they’re at a celebrities’ party? Sites such as and AirBnB lists vacation apartments to rent, many of which are neighboring to celebrities’ estates. Rent a home for a luxurious cocktail party, an important guest, or just to treat yourself to an elevated lifestyle.