Josh McBride is a charismatic and multifaceted lifestyle expert and television host, having appeared on The Today Show, Wendy Williams Show, The Daily Buzz, HLN, OK!TV, Good Day NY, PIX11 NY and more. He now shares his expertise as the East Coast reporter for The Daily Buzz. A regular fixture at red carpet events, Josh has interviewed such celebrities as Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, Adam Sandler, and Heidi Klum. Josh is a contributor to the Today Show, HLN, and The Wendy Williams Show. He began his broadcasting career as an intern for Entertainment Tonight, and as an on air radio jockey on 92.9 HD2- Boston.

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🔎 $24.56 is how much the average American is paying for Trump’s Space Force

🔎 $0.17 is how much it would cost the average American to fix Flint’s water problem

🔎 $0.25 is how much it would cost the average American to feed every homeless vet 3 meals per day for a whole year.

@realDonaldTrump Sounds like @FLOTUS had the remote last night. 📺 We hope you both saw the incredible work of @KingJames. #BeBest

Dear @POTUS,

#ObamaDay is currently trending at number one on Twitter.

Totally normal for a country to miss a former president so much that he still kicks your ass two years out of office.

Also, you’ll never be 1/100th of the man that @KingJames is.

Lifestyle expert @JoshyMcB has everything you need to know to get kids back to school and parents ready for the Mon.-Fri. routine.

Hey #chicago tune into @cbschicago at 8:45 today where im giving you tips on what to have for #backtoschool

If you're voting for candidates who will:
✔️ hold @CBP accountable for rampant abuse
✔️ pass legislation to end @realDonaldTrump's Muslim ban
✔️ uphold civil rights and liberties for everyone in America

You're already an #ACLUVoter

When the pilot next to you plays pilot games 😳😳😳

ok so #MissionImpossibleFallout is hands down the best #MissionImpossible they've done. Please, we need more @TomCruise!!!

If you’re that unknown in your community that you need to take $1000 from the NRA to fund your campaign you shouldn’t be running.

So sorry to hear about Demi Lovato being hospitalized. Sending love and healing prayers to her.

If u are or know a Floridian, 7/30 is deadline to register to vote in primaries. If ur appalled kids were put in cages, if ur horrified toxic algae’s blooming in our waterways, if ur pissed Puerto Ricans got treated like 2nd class citizens, REGISTER! 🇺🇸

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